Julianus Group

Julianus Group is the holding company of a concern, which consists of the following subsidiaries: OÜ Aktiva Finants, Krediidiregister Taust (taust.ee) and OÜ Julianus Inkasso (julianus.ee).

Our main goal is to offer different financing support services which consists of evaluation of credit portfolios, purchasing or collection of delayed credit portfolios.

The current Julianus Group originates from 1994 when OÜ Julianus Inkasso was founded in Tallinn. Today we have become the market leader in the Baltic States.

There are currently 120 people working for Julianus Group.

We give about 2 000 000 credit evaluations and try a case with over 150 000 delayed debt recovery procedures in a year.

Ülar Maapalu,

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